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Mrs. Yuliana Agung MBA.
Founder Carre@Terrace The Indonesia Service Quality Club

Carre@Terrace The Indonesia Service Quality Club is a dedicated forum to share knowledge and techniques on how to improve the level of service quality and customer management in order to increase company's image and performance. Moreover, Carre@Terrace will be an enjoyable forum to share and discussed the most updated issues related with customers satisfaction and service quality.

This club is specially designed for anyone within organizations who plays a key role in designing and strategically establishing corporate customer centric culture thru system, process and people to achieve service and process excellence to compete in today's hyper competition world.

Our regular gathering will be held monthly from 6.30pm to 9pm in The Financial Club, Graha Niaga, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.58, Jakarta and is supported by competent speaker in this field.

Carre@TERRACE – The Indonesian Service Quality Club (ISQC) is Indonesia's first and exclusive club of service quality and customer management professionals. ISQC's mission is to make concrete contributions in helping the acceleration of customer service culture development in Indonesia through LEARNING - SHARING – BENCHMARKING – EXPERIENCING among service quality experts in companies in Indonesia from Managers to Directors.

ISQC holds a routine meeting each month with different topics such as: SERVICE SPEECH (a discussion of a concept), SERVICE READING (a discussion of service quality trend), SERVICE HUNTING (hands-on experience of enjoying a service), SERVICE BENCHMARKING (company visit or presentation from a company that has strong points in certain aspects of service quality or customer management), and SERVICE SHARING (invitation of a leader of a company to make presentation about his/her company's Service Quality Strategy as a key to success).


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Jl. Kelapa Nias Raya No. 5, Kelapa Gading Permai, Jakarta 14240, Indonesia
Phone: 62 21 451 4472 Fax: 62 21 453 2796
Email: membership@Carre-Terrace.com
Website: www.Carre-Terrace.com

For Futher Information Please Contact:

Yani: 08999773333

Kesia: 08999763333

Vision and Mission


Make a difference with Star Qualities


  • Carre@Terrace is an Indonesia service quality club dedicated to share knowledge and techniques on how to improve the level of service quality and customer management in order to develop company’s image and performance.
  • Discuss ideas with the experts in the human relationships, service quality, and customer management from various industries.
  • Inspire people to be different, better and special to cope with this dynamic world that is full of challenges by having positive attitude, optimism, passion, and strong commitment in what they do.
  • Inspire organizations to better embrace customer centric values and continually build fundamental organisational capability in attracting and keeping customer through service quality management.

Board of Service Champion

Board of Service Champion is a group of selected corporations that have believed in providing the best service and make this value as their competitive advantage. They are recognized and respected companies that are built around customers and for customers. Members of The Board of Service Champion are valid for 2 years and could be extended only by call.

So every year, member of Carre@Terrace will evaluate and nominate outstanding of the available Service Leadership to be the Board of Service Champion. The Board of Service Champion plays an important role in establish the quality and character of Carre@TERRACE - The Indonesia Service Quality Club.

Together with Carre@Terrace The Indonesia Service Quality Club, they will bring positive influence not only to their companies but also in the industry where they are in and to impact our nation Customer Centric and Service Culture.

Handy Irawan





Mr. Handi Irawan MBA, MCom - Chairman
Initiator of ICSA (Indonesian Customer Service Award)& National Customer Day (Hari Pelanggan Nasional).


Hasnul Suhaimi






Mr. Hasnul Suhaimi - Honorery Member
President Director PT XL Axiata, Tbk.


Iriany Setia






Mrs. Iriany Setia - Honorery Member
Director of Finance and Administration PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia.








Mr. Suparno Djasmin - Honorery Member
Chief Executive Officer PT Astra International - Daihatsu Sales Operation


Topic and Activities

Carre@Terrace The Indonesia Service Quality Club will do regular gathering that will attend by 100 – 200 people. This gathering will be an enjoyable yet serious forum for you to share knowledge on interesting and current topics of business and management related with Service Quality with people from various industry in the relax environment. 

The topics may include; Service Quality Management, Customer Satisfaction, Successful Service Leadership, Developing a Great Team Work, Customers Trend, Customers Affairs, Handling Customers Problems, and will be so many more interesting topics.

However, we will also have more exciting and interactive activities such as Company visit, Lounge gathering, Customer visit, Culinary Tour, etc.


In-class learning on the move This meeting, held in the form of a seminar, will discuss materials around company service strategy. We intentionally put it at the beginning of the year so that it can be used as a reference by members in creating company business strategy and operational plan. The seminar will be presented by Ms. Yuliana Agung and a guest speaker. This great recipe will be conveyed based on latest experience and knowledge.


Secret recipe of service excellence – Book One An old saying goes "Other people's experience is the best teacher". This inspires the February meeting to present the benchmarking menu through company visit to listen to and observe directly the application of operational strategies that have brought success to members, with knowledge elaboration mixed with cohesion and high taste from the sources. Technical and strategic analysis by the host.


ServiceHUNTING™ Experiencing the service Temporary relaxation from the hustle and bustle of work that usually starts to increase in the third month as the end of the first quarter. ServiceHunting is the menu served so that members can learn from hands-on experience of service excellence and the pleasure of becoming a served customer. The valuable lesson from this experience will confirm the importance of treating the customers correctly.


ServiceREADING™ Voice of customer is trivial Speak using data. Data will display facts that makes decisions become accurate. Our host, Ms. Yuliana Agung will share annual research data around customers' satisfaction with the services of companies in Indonesia, either in walk in center or call center. The data is maintained by Ms. Yuliana Agung through Carre-CCSL and will be shared to members for reference purposes.


ServiceSHARING™ Public cases of the year The menu that is always awaited by members: service case studies that are discussed heatedly by the public. We will choose interesting cases that happened around the world of service, marketing and business to be analyzed from various points of view to enrich members' understanding of the cases for practical reference. If possible, we will involve the people related to those cases to share their experience with the members. Once again, "Other people's experience is the best teacher".


ServiceCHAMPION™ Learn from The Winner – Circle One The chef with proven experience and knowledge will open a competition that will build positive spirit and service euphoria. Every year Carre@TERRACE holds two essay writing competitions around the service and marketing world to sharpen the members' skills and knowledge. The essays that will be submitted by the end of May will be evaluated by the Board of Champion of Carre@TERRACE led by the customer satisfaction expert Mr. Handi Irawan. As the top honor, three members with the best menu will have the honor to wear "The Orange Jacket" for the following 6 meetings and share their knowledge to other members in June meeting, and also publish the summary of the essays in Marketing magazine.


ServiceOUTBOUND™ Sharing on vacation – First Trip Group outing to learn and to get closer to nature that has given service excellence to the people. Likewise, this is a chance for members to give what they have received from the nature back to nature and the environment. Besides tightening the bond among members, ServiceOutbound™ will improve sensitivity towards nature and increase 'generosity feeling' that is much needed in achieving the goal 'to serve from the heart'. A life experience that is useful to enhance our service quality to the customers. This event is filled with light discussions that will bring fresh energy to add the extra-mile power to face the final quarter of the planned target.


ServiceEXCELLENCE™ Process excellence is a must Strategy implementation certainly needs best practice and proven knowledge. First-quarter review of operational achievement compared to the plan needs a reference. The menu that we choose around customer management and business process management certainly can offer an alternate reference to be used. Presented distinctively by the host, Ms. Yuliana Agung and a guest speaker, this select menu is guaranteed to be a good reference for review of customer service operations that has been carried out by the members.


ServiceGLOBAL™ World Hot Topic of This Year Service is dynamic, as dynamic as the knowledge around it. As the club whose members are the best people who are knowledge-thirsty, every year we will invite international speakers, companies, and service-oriented business practitioners to share the last knowledge update to allow members to perform benchmarking against the global standard at all times.



Platinum MembershipPlatinum Membership

  • A strategic level membership
  • This is a Corporate Membership that valid for 1 person.  However, you may register 2 names in this membership and allow using it alternately.
  • Each Corporate / Organization might have more than 1 membership.
  • Membership is subject to approval
  • Rp. 10.000.000,-nett /year (12x seminars) including Annual Membership of The Financial Club Jakarta.

Gold Membership Gold Membership

  • An operational level membership therefore is a teaming membership.
  • 1 Team membership consists of 2 persons, Super-ordinate and His / Her Successor (manager and Assistant Manager/Supervisor). Non Transferable.
  • Why Team? As we know Service Management is a series of process that need a valid teamwork from any level of job function from Front Office to Back Office, so a team membership will make the learning implementation more effective.
  • Each Corporate / Organization might have more than 1 team.*
  • Submit recommendation letter from the company and name cards of the prospect members.
  • Membership is subject to approval by Board of Service Champion.
  • Rp. 12.000.000,-nett /year (12x seminars for 1 Team) including Annual Membership of The Financial Club Jakarta.

How to Apply

Fill out the application form completely; include signatures. Submit your membership payment to:


Acc. No.: 901092699

Bank Permata Cab. Plaza D Best Kelapa Gading 1 - Jakarta, Indonesia

Submit your complete application form and your transfer / payment proof copy to:
Fax: 62 21 453 2796 or Email: membership@Carre-Terrace.com

Contact Us

Jl. Kelapa Nias Raya No. 5, Kelapa Gading Permai, Jakarta 14240, Indonesia
Phone: 62 21 451 4472 Fax: 62 21 453 2796
Email: membership@Carre-Terrace.com
Website: www.Carre-Terrace.com

For Futher Information Please Contact:

Yani : 08999773333

Kesia: 08999763333

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Mrs. Nathalya Wani Sabu - Platinum Membership
Kepala Biro Halo BCA - PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk

Mengikuti The Indonesia Service Quality Club (Carre@|TERRACE) sangat bermanfaat, baik untuk pribadi maupun perusahaan. Sebulan sekali bertemu dengan teman-teman service membuat jiwa service kita direcharge kembali, saling sharing dan bertukar cerita sangat mengasyikkan. Setiap mengikuti pertemuan Carre@|TERRACE selalu ada pengalaman baru yang sangat berharga.Datang dan ikutilah Carre@|TERRACE karena akan membangkitkan semangat service kita.




Mrs. Primasari Mandala - Platinum Membership
AVP Customer Care - PT Prudential Life Assurance.

Pertemuan - pertemuan Carre@|TERRACE sangat bagus dan senantiasa memperkaya wawasan mengenai Service Quality dan Customer Management. Topiknya selain menarik juga sangat bermanfaat bagi praktisi dan pengelola kepuasaan pelanggan disemua industri. Presentasi tentang strategi pelayanan pelanggan sangat updated dan sharing berbagai perubahan perilaku pelanggan mampu memberikan fresh idea yang unik namun efektif sejalan dengan perkembangan yang pesat dibidang teknologi komunikasi dan informasi.




Mrs. Nurlela Bahar - Gold Membership
AVP Divisi Jaringan dan Layanan - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk.

Saya sangat senang dengan hadirnya Carre@Terrace, the Indonesia Service Quality Club, sudah lama saya menunggu hadirnya Club ini di Indonesia. Terima kasih karena hadir dan dikelola sangat professional, thema - thema dari bulan kebulan sangat menarik dan berguna bagi karir dan perusahaan saya. Sangat saying kalau dilewatkan. Bravo Carre!





Mrs. Megajati Widjaja - Gold Membership
AVP Individual Administration - PT AsuransiJiwa Manulife Indonesia

Ini dia yang saya cari-cari, Carre@|TERRACE- The Indonesia Service Quality Club yang professional, topiknya focus pada pengelolaan pelanggan. Rugi kalau tidak ikut Carre@TERRACE dari awal. Jangan sampai ketinggalan.





Mr. Bernard Lokasasmita - Platinum Membership
Senior VP Service and Operational Excellence Retail Banking PT Bank Permata, Tbk

Sangat luar biasa Carre@TERRACE, setiap member bisa saling berbagi pengalaman, wisdom dari seluruh Industri Service,serta topik dan metode Learning yang selalu berbeda dalam setiap pertemuannya. Saya sarankan wajib mengikuti club ini.





Mr. Rully Sujarko - Gold Membership
General Manager Customer Service PT LG Elektronic Indonesia

Carre@TERRACE yang digagas oleh Ibu Yuliana Agung merupakan upaya positif dalam budaya pelayanan di Indonesia. Banyak ide dan hal baru dari pertemuan-pertemuan Carre@TERRACE yang dapat diterapkan untuk segala jenis perusahaan jasa.